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Get Involved with the Ministry of Missionary Tech Support


  If you're a Christian IT professional, we need your help!  Your talents and skill-set are needed by a missionary somewhere in the world. 

You'll feel a deep satisfaction as you know your talents will be making an eternal difference in the Kingdom of God.

Ways to Volunteer:

Forum Help Forum Experts - You've got the answers to a missionary's question.  Get involved in the Missionary Tech Support Forum.  Give enough missionaries the right answers and you'll be dubbed an Expert... The Go-To-Guy... The Man-That-Can...  You get the idea.  Sign-up and log-in to the forum to begin helping missionaries right now!

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Servant Team - You've got some vacation time coming, right?  Instead of a couple weeks getting a sunburn... try something that will make an eternal difference - join one of the Missionary Tech Support Servant Teams. 

These short-term mission trips are designed for IT professionals like you.  Use your talents on the mission field while working closely with a team of like-minded Christian professionals.  Missionary Tech Support Servant Teams are lead by cross-culturally trained and experienced leaders who will walk you through everything - from raising support to how to share your experience as a witness in your workplace.

So whether you're fixing laptops in Guatemala or re-configuring a network firewall in Kenya, you'll never be the same again.

Contact us at info@missionarytechsupport.com for more information.

Email Help Email Support - Many missionaries don't have Internet access and can only communicate their troubles via email.  Volunteer to be a part of the email support team and you'll be helping some of the most remote missionaries in the world.  Send an email to info@missionarytechsupport.com to learn how to apply.


  Even if you're not an IT professinoal, we still need your help!  There are many ways to support the ministry of Missionary Tech Support.

Forum Help Prayer Support - Every ministry relies on its prayer supporters to empower its efforts.  Missionary Tech Support is no different.  Though our ministry is high-tech, our needs are simple:
  • God's Guidence
  • God's Provision
  • God's Wisdom
  • God's Safety for our team members on TechTrips.
Thank you for supporting Missionary Tech Support in this way.

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Financial Support - As a faith ministry, we rely on God to supply our financial needs each and every month.  He does so through his people... people like you.  If you'd like to give, please consider a monthly pledge.  You may send checks to:

Missionary Tech Support
905 Ellston Ct.
Colorado Springs, CO  80907

Please make any checks payable to New Life Christian Center.  You will receive a tax-deductable receipt for your giving at the end of the year.  Also please indicate if you'd like to receive our newsletter when you give. For more information please email info@missionarytechsupport.com.

Email Help Component Donation - We strive to provide the very best equipment to the missionaries we support.  Your garage full of 486s won't do much good on the mission field, but if you have any useable equipment, we would be happy to put it to good use. 

We can make good use of new or pre-owned equipment such as:
  • Computer Systems and Parts (500MHz or faster) working or not
  • Working Printers (Inkjet and laser)
  • 100Mbs Networking Components (Routers, Switches, Hubs, Firewalls, etc.)
  • PBX Phone Systems and Phones
Things we CAN'T use include:
  • Used Monitors
  • Apple or Macintosh Computers
Please email info@missionarytechsupport.com for shipping information.

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